One of the neatest, most secure CRM there is

Salesforce suits both small SMB and Enterprise systems. Super secure and really fast. The ecosystem in salesforce is huge, a customer developing their solution and product in salesforce may be able to return profit by sharing it to the ecosystem. Salesforce is also the fastest growing CRM provider out there, and is continuesly growing because of it’s way of delivering new innovative ways of both teaching poeple how to use the system but also new funcationality like Einstein AI that helps your sales staff closing more deals.


This system is a sandbox that can be automated in every specific detail. So it’s preferable that you customize the system and implement apps for different teams to streamline and ease on the technical knowledge level required.


We have certified consultants in Salesforce and we would be happy to be an extension of your Salesforce team. At the moment we are an extension to several teams in different industries, both in the financial industry and retail. We are always looking for new and challenging projects to solve, so why not give us a call or send us an e-mail?

  • Secure & fast
  • Great ecosystem
  • High premium functionality
  • Most times requires in house expertise or a external consultant to setup the system in a proper way
  • Premium functionality costs
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